About us

ECR Community About Us

ECR Community strives to transform the way we work together to fulfill consumer wishes better, faster and at less cost.

ECR Community is a flagship for delivering consumer benefits through collaborative practices between trading partners along the consumer goods value chain. We provide a neutral platform on which to develop, disseminate and foster the implementation of these practices.

We consist of a network of National ECR Initiatives each of which brings together manufacturers, retailers and in many cases, service providers within their country.

How we operate

  • ECR Community works together on areas of high relevance across our markets, developing and delivering joint solutions.
  • We work together at a national level to avoid duplication by sharing ideas, information, outputs and contacts.
  • ECR Community collects evidence and examples, conducts research and at all times strives to demonstrate the value of collaborative practices.
  • We contribute towards raising awareness and promoting work developed at a global level by the Consumer Goods Forum and other partners.

How to contact us

For any questions or queries regarding ECR Community, please contact jennifer.murphy@ecr-community.org