13th Annual ECR Russia Forum

New_story_on_enabling_technologies_croppedECR Russia has recently completed its 13th Annual Forum in Moscow.

The two day event attracted more then 1,300 delegates from over 100 companies in the FMCG and Retail sectors.

With focuses on enabling technologies, supply chain, shopper journey, master data and digital transformation; insightful presentations were relayed from senior executives depicting 35 partner cases studies and highlighting best practices from leading experts.

One of the main topics at the Forum was the implementation of digital technologies into the FMCG and retail sectors with the introduction of the ECR Eco-System.  The system is effectively a platform of interconnected technologies and services developed by the ECR Russia, which help solve complex problems from both the supplier and the retailers view point.

Other services presented included:
1. ECR Laboratory – Laboratory for creating a digital passport of goods, as well as product models for subsequent recognition by Image Recognition technology.
2. RusCat – A single Master Data Catalogue for retail chains and manufacturers: www.ruscat.org
3. On-Shelf-Availability Hybrid Platform (OSA HP) – a service for the on shelf availability in real time: www.osahp.com
4. Image Recognition – real-time image recognition service.

However it was stressed that the implementation of these advanced technologies is dependent on an effective master data management system. Therefore a separate session “Clear master data is the key to Big Data” was held to discuss how to establish and maintain a clear and reliable master data system which could future proof your business.

Several sessions were devoted to the recent Russian government regulations in the FMCG sector, namely the EGAIS and Mercury traceability systems, experts discussed the specifics of each system.

A block of sessions was scheduled on supply chain management, including a joint planning meeting by Mars and the X5 Retail Group which resulted in a 13% increase in forecast accuracy and 2% in service level.

At the Shopper sessions both global and Russian trends in the development of trade marketing, joint category management and new digital channels in promo were presented.

More details about the program, speakers and presentations of the Forum can be found at http://ecrforum.ru

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