5 Key Trends for manufacturers and distributions in 2017

According to Nielsen, at the recent Outlook for Consumer Goods in 2017, organized by AECOC 2016 will end with a growth in consumer demand of around 2.4%. One of the best years for the sector according to experts, after 8 years of crisis.

But what are the key issues in 2017 that will continue to improve and grow consumer demand Rosario Pedrosa, manager of the demand area of AECOC, points out 5 key area’s on which to focus our attention for 2017, according to data extracted from AECOC reports (AECOC Shopperview, Benchmarking and International Training).

1.    Transformation of the discounters

With concepts that evolve from hard to smart discount (Lidl and Aldi) and with the introduction of premium products and more brands.

2.    The omnichannel

The boundaries between offline and online are blurred. It is necessary to approach the buyer through all channels and for this it will be essential to have an omnichannel vision.

3.    Use of technology

Using new technologies to make the buying experience differentiated and more impactful. The use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality and facial recognition will be some of the main trends in 2017.

4.    Innovation

Consumers demand around innovation is growing and the 5 key concepts that are gaining the most traction are: green fever (eco, bio, healthy products, etc.); Craftsmanship, authentic and local; Convenience and on the-go; Premium products and the birth of new ways of eating.

5.    Simplicity

You have to ensure the basics. Efficiency and collaboration are essential to gain competitiveness and maintaining focus on serving the end customer better.





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