Ecologistico2 by ECR Italy: a gym for the Supply Chain

Ecologistico Small Logo ECR ItalyAwareness of climate change is growing and key variables behind it cannot be ignored any more – especially after COP21, the Paris Agreement now in full place.

It is easy to see the trend from consumers, regulators and investors point of view, with leading companies adopting CSR Reports with more and more detailed environmental info.

Supply Chain managers are fully involved for crucial issue well beyond the CO2 impact, due to externalities like PMx, noise, traffic, etc.

Ecologistico2 project was conceived by ECR Italy as an “educational gym” for Supply Chain managers where to improve knowledge.

It is a web-base tool designed to guide users through the complexity of environmental impacts – the approach being to provide managers with a high level support to measure the climate impact of their logistics network and to identify the most effective actions to reduce a company’s carbon footprint.

You can calculate both warehousing and transportation emission impact and obtain proper reporting.

You can simulate specific decisions, i.e. from modal shift to improved saturation or fuel source, from lighting mix to batteries and chargers mix, etc.

You can learn best practices derived from both FMCG players and leading technology or service providers, not to forget local initiatives or leading studies and norms.

The objective is to stimulate companies towards the adoption of greener solutions, technologies and “people involvement” – thanks to a deeper knowledge of opportunities in Supply Chain management.

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