ECR Russia Leading the Technology Eco-System Revolution

More than 1300 delegates from 100 companies gathered in Moscow for the 13th Annual ECR Russian Forum.

The two day event focused on enabling technologies, opportunities around master data management and showcased digital transformation with an exciting mix of the latest insights from key stakeholders and case studies from leading companies in the FMCG and Retail Industries.

The overarching theme of the conference was emphasised at the session “Clear master data is the key to Big Data” which hinged on the importance of an effective master data management strategy

Key concepts introduced; 
1. ECR Laboratory – A system designed for creating a product digital passport, works in conjunction with image recognition technology to further enhance its effectiveness.
2. RusCat – A master data catalogue for retail chains and manufacturers:
3. On-Shelf-Availability Hybrid Platform (OSA HP) – A comprehensive system for monitoring and managing on-shelf availability in real time:

Contributions  and real life case studies were delivered by; 
– Neuromation on Image recognition
– X5 Retail Group overview of Chat bots and robots for head-hunting
– ECR OSA HP detailed On-Shelf-Availability Hybrid Platform
– Blockchain on technology of trust

A further session was devoted to the government regulation in the FMCG industry, where experts discussed the specifics of working with the EGAIS and the Mercury system.

Best Practices in supply chain management were presented in the block sessions, including the project of joint planning by Mars and X5 Retail Group: where results in a 13% increase in forecast accuracy and 2% in service level were presented.

ECR Awards

9 cases were nominated for ECR Award this year and the winners are:
«Customized strategy for joint development of the dairy category», Danone+Lenta in nomination “Innovation”,
Successful experience in implementing FRT, Mars+Metro C&C in nomination “Partnership”,
“School of joint business planning”, Mars+X5 Retail Group in nomination “The Economic effect’.

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