Feeding Ireland’s Future in 2017

Feeding Ireland's FutureECR Ireland has launched its Feeding Ireland’s Future (FIF) 2017 campaign to take place during March 2017.  The idea of FIF is simple, give pre-employment training to young unemployed people and early school leavers.  This is the 4th year of FIF.  Almost 4,000 young people have been offered skills sessions from 44 companies thus far.  Feedback from companies and participants  has been extremely positive.

FIF is run by ECR Ireland in association with two government departments.  The Dept. of Social Protection, who identify young unemployed people to take part and the Dept. of Education & Skills through its Youthreach Centres, which provide a second chance at education for early school leavers.

Youth unemployment is 14.5% in Ireland and remains as a legacy of the recent recession.  Increasing opportunities for young people starting out in the workplace is important not only for economic reasons but is essential for the future social cohesion of Ireland.  ECR’s experience with FIF has revealed the low levels of confidence, poor standard of CVs and inadequate state-of-readiness for job-seeking from young unemployed people.  An objective of FIF is to improve these levels while also acting as a showcase for careers in the grocery sector.

Participating companies can choose from four different Pathways to Participate in FIF 2017.

Work with young unemployed people

  1. Present a Skills for Work session to young unemployed people at the company’s premises.
  2. Present a Skills for Work session to young unemployed people at a Dept. of Social Protection office.

Work with early school leavers

  1. Deliver a “Ready for Work” seminar at a Youthreach Centre.
  2. Adopt-a-Youthreach and build a relationship with the Centre during the year by presenting a series of sessions, work experience, site visits, etc.

Sessions should incorporate one or more of the following:

  • HR Skills – e.g. CV prep, interview skills, confidence building sessions, job searching skills, LinkedIn tips, etc.
  • Hands on experience – e.g. manual handling courses, food safety course, work experience.
  • Business insight – e.g. a day in the life of a product or an executive, behind the scenes.

FIF is particularly suited to the Grocery industry as it is one of Ireland’s largest private sector employers in which it is possible to start from the bottom rank of a company and rise to the very top – even with very few qualifications.  Companies can play a greater role in the transition from education into employment and participation in FIF allows companies from the Grocery sector to work together with the public sector for a worthy, essential and common cause.If you would like more information on this initiative to perhaps consider running a similar program in your country please see ECR Ireland

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