Feeding Poland’s Future: how to win the revolution?

Workforce_Shortages_thumnailIn recent years, Poland’s labour market has been subject to dynamic, even revolutionary changes. Employers who used to dominate the market are now being challenged by employees. Recruitment is getting tougher because of a deficit in the workforce.

Polish labour market in facts and figures:

  • The number of people of working age (i.e. 18-64 years for men, 18-59 years for women) has decreased year- on-year and this trend looks set to continue.
  • As much as 72% of employers believe that hiring a qualified employees is harder than it was 2 years ago.
  • 41% of companies cannot find suitably qualified employees.
  • Unemployment in Poland is constantly decreasing and will continue to fall: the average unemployment rate in June this year – 7.1% –  was the lowest for 26 years
  • At the end of March 2017 there was a third more vacancies than in the corresponding period of 2016.
  • Nearly half of Polish employers plan to hire immigrants from behind the Eastern border.
  • According to the Polish Social Insurance Institution, up to 550 thousand people may retire by the end of this year as a resulting in the reversal of pension reform and the lowering of the retirement age.

For many sectors of economy, the shortage of blue collar workers is particularly severe. Their acquisition is becoming an urgent challenge for the FMCG industry, as the inability to provide the right workforce can result in the disruption of the industry’s development.

The struggle to find the right people is getting even worse. According to employers, fewer and fewer candidates are available on the labour market. Companies are competing not only for management but most of all, for employees that are deeper in the organisation. Attracting  a qualified worker: a driver, a machine or production operator, is a significant challenge for HR departments today. Obviously, candidates expect higher remuneration as well as richer benefits packages. Therefore, the success on this field is also determined by well-chosen non-wage benefits, a friendly working environment and the communication style with the potential candidates.

The success belongs to these industries and employers who will develop better people management tools and practices. Who will be able to provide not only attractive conditions of employment and professional development, but will also recognize the potential and find ways to reach the various labor market reserves. Who will attract the unemployed through encouraging communication and effective promotion of employment. What may seem overwhelming for a single employer, can be more easily achieved when working together – through successful partnership and experience and information sharing.  

ECR Poland has described the detailed situation in the report Labour market in Poland – How to win the revolution?, to be published online soon. It will be developed and continued by a Working Group ECR in HR, dedicated mainly to HR Managers, HR Directors, HR Business Partners, Recruiters – and all those who are interested in HR management and who struggle with the labour shortage.

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