A glimpse into the future at Supermarcato Del Futuro, Milan


Want to know the fat content of a product? Where your meat been sourced from? Whether a product is gluten free?  The interactive technology at Supermercato Del Futuro can answer all these questions!

At our recent ECR Community Quarterly Meeting in Milan we were excited to be invited to Coop’s Supermercato Del Futuro (Supermarket of the Future) located in Bicocca Village shopping centre, on the outskirts of Milan.

The store is approximately one thousand square meters with over six thousand products sku’s, however it is the display technology use which is the real star.  An impressive 54 display monitors use touch screens to depict a myriad of product information including origin, nutritional value and source of raw materials.These screen’s are located throughout the store accompanying customers along their shopper journey.

In the fresh food section the screens are suspended above the shopper.  All a customer needs do is point to whatever product they are interested in and the information is displayed on the monitor.

The Supermarket of the future was the result of a collaboration between Coop Italia, Coop Lombardia and the North West Consortium.  It was designed by Inres with technical expertise from Accenture. The investment estimated at €4.5 million.


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