Invitation; ECR Community Shrink and OSA Group, “Sell More, Waste less” Workshop Prague 30th November, 2017

ECR Shrink and OSA LogoOn November 30th, at the University of Economics in Prague, the ECR Community Shrink & OSA Group, along with academics from the KLU Logistics University, Cardiff Business School and Oliver Wyman, in collaboration with the Consumer Goods Forum, will officially launch the food waste collaboration maturity model, designed to help retailer and producers assess their readiness and ability to collaborate on food waste reduction. The launch presentation will outline the rationale for the model, the results from pilots with Tesco, Ahold and Danone and introduce the online self-assessment tool. A full discussion on the relevance of the model and how organisations intend to apply the model to their business will follow.

In a later session, the business case for GS1 databar will be presented, with a case study presentation from Iper, this will be followed by a round table discussion. In the final session, facilitated by academics from the University of Eindhoven, results from retailers who have used adopted and reapplied the findings, especially the Fresh Case Cover, from the ECR research on Food Waste will be shared, along with updates on new research projects.

As in previous workshops, the day will be highly interactive, an approach that has been warmly appreciated by the delegates as it promotes deeper learning, more reliable bench-marking and helps strengthen the network.

The draft agenda is attached, the event is free to attend and to register please click here. Details on logistics and hotels will follow.

For more information please contact Colin Peacock

Group Strategy Coordinator

ECR Community Shrink & OSA Group

Tel: +44 7808 545947

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