Q3 Meeting of 2019 in Vienna

In June, ECR Community convened the ECR Nationals for its Q3 meeting of 2019 in Vienna. The meeting was well attended by our ECR Nationals, with members travelling from France, Italy, Ireland, Austria, China, Spain and Greece. We also had lots of virtual attendees from Czech & Slovakia, the UK, Hong Kong, Poland, Switzerland, Russia and Kazakhstan. It was a great opportunity to welcome our newest members from China and Kazakhstan.

At this meeting we covered our digital supply chain and circular economy focus areas. Our digital focus area is being led by ECR China and aims to benchmark digital transformation in the supply chain across ECR Nationals. This research will allow all ECR National’s to become familiar with digital developments in China, to establish best practice in this area, and to share the results with all ECR National members.

Our circular economy focus area is being led by ECR France, with support from ECR Italy. This focus area aims to produce content and tools for the ECR Nationals to use as they support their members in learning more about the circular economy. At this session we heard from Prof. Manfred Tacker, from the University of Applied Sciences Campus in Vienna, on strategies for how to transition to a circular economy for retail and manufacturers. He presented a circular packaging design guideline on how to best conduct sustainability assessments on your packaging. ECR Italy presented a valuable start-up kit for ECR Nationals so they can conduct workshops with their members.

We also heard updates from what is happening at an ECR National level from Greece, France, Ireland, Austria, Spain and China who are looking at topics such as the journey of the e-consumer, OSA and the re-design of packaging.

Our Q4 meeting will take place in Kazakhstan on 8/9th of October.

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