Relieving the Problem with Pallets

ECR Poland has just released its sixth version of the highly successful Pallet Assessment Cards (PAC) available in multiple languages as required.

These smart cards are a simple but effective tool which help address the on-going problem of using white (EPAL and/or EUR) pallets safely.  PAC’s help to quickly and safely identify the pallet type and condition, assessing whether it can be used confidently in the supply chain or not.

Depicting features of a sound EPAL and EUR pallet on green cards, as well as highlighting unacceptable and in many cases dangerous flaws using a red card. The golden rule is simply what is not red is green and good to use!

The easy to follow illustrations are commonly found in warehouses across Europe, printed on substantial posters (usually B1).  Smaller posters in A4/A3 format, are also available and usually given to truck drivers as a guide on what to look out for.

PAC is also an extremely useful system for pallet management training.  Much easier and convenient to use and understand than either EN 13698-1, EPAL Technical Regulations or UIC-Leaflet 435-2, the PAC system is both supported and endorsed (in Poland) by both EPAL and UIC.

ECR Poland developed the system more than 10 years ago, which we have shared with our Baltic neighbours”, Mateusz Boruta, Managing Director of ECR Poland commented.  “We are very open to sharing this system with whoever needs it!  The sixth version was launched in May and is available in both Polish and English which can be downloaded from our website. For a small fee we can also organise for the system to be translated into multiple languages and personalised with logos etc. if required.  We also offer printed versions for professional use”

PAC System:

ECR_OLand_Green2_PAC ECR_Poland_Green1_PAC ECR_Poland_Red_PAC

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