RFID – How do you make it pay?

RFID_thumbnailAt the ‘peak of inflated expectations’, RFID was going to revolutionise the shopping journey, no more boring time to be spent standing in a queue waiting for the items to be unloaded onto a checkout conveyor belt, scanned and then put back into your trolley, shoppers would simply walk out of the store, with all the items scanned automatically by an electronic reader as they exited, and your receipt sent to you by email. Easy peasy!

Then the reality of physics, privacy and cost sharing, to name but three hurdles, slowed the early momentum and triggered the start of the ‘trough of disillusionment’ and the early advocates started pulling back their investments.

However, as sure as night follows day, the ‘slope of enlightenment’ followed, and the most RFID advantaged retail sector began and began to cautiously embrace the technology.

This research, led by Professor Adrian Beck, and with the support of GS1, will aim to examine how eight retailers have deployed RFID in their organisations. The research will chart the way in which the technology was introduced, the business cases that were developed, the perceived benefits and limitations of the systems used and how their performance was measured.

The final report and the practical deliverables will be shared with the members of the ECR Community Shrink and OSA Group in December 2017.

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