Tomas Martoch appointed Co-Chair of ECR Community



We are delighted to announce the appointment of Tomas Martoch as Co-chair of ECR Community, effective immediately.  This follows the recent resignation of Valentin Wepfer of ECR Switzerland/GS1 from the board in September, 2017.

Tomas has been a valued member of the ECR Community board and ECR NI activities in Europe for many years and has made important contributions establishing ECR Community in 2016 its strategy and governance.

In his current position as Senior Manager ECR/GS1 Czech Republic, Tomas is responsible for the overall management of the Czech-Slovak ECR Initiative established in 2001.   He has succeeded in increasing its membership base, opened and led European activation projects on CO2 reduction and core retail challenges.  He is a member of the European Steering Committee on the highly successful Lean and Green initiative and more recently works closely on the issues of food waste reduction alongside the ECR Community Shrink and OSA Group.

A graduate from the Faculty of Transportation Science & Communications in Žilina, Slovakia, he has more than 25 years of experience in ICT, FMCG & Retail and consulting.   Previously he has held management roles at Czech Telecom/Telefonica O2, Software602 and EDITEL CZ.  Before joining GS1 in 2008, Tomas was as Director of Deloitte Central Europe responsible for management consulting services for about 8 years.

ECR Community would like to acknowledge and thank our outgoing Co-chair Valentin Wepfer for the enormous contribution he has made to our association, leading on many initiatives across both the demand and supply sides including the recent transition from ECR Europe to ECR Community in 2016.  We wish him every success with future endeavours.




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