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With the launch of our new strategy, ECR Community is now ready to start a new phase in our development.

Our activation projects form a central part of the ECR program, providing a platform for cross sector collaboration on some of the industry most challenging issues.

We are now opening our program schedule to facilitate new activation projects proposed by ECR Nationals on behalf of their members.  Proposals should be submitted on the template attached to the Activation Program Management Team for consideration by February 13, 2017.

What are activation projects?

The activation projects allow us to work together on topics of common interest. They should represent the latest “hot topics” from ECR Focus Areas; they can also be projects which are successful at a national level and have the potential of greater participation and adoption by a wider regional audience.

All the proposals will be discussed in Brussels at our next meeting on 20th February and will be approved as long as they satisfy the following criteria:

  • Dealing with highly relevant matters across the European market in the focus areas of ECR
  • Contributing to solve operational or strategic issues for members, involving collaborative aspects
  • Delivering tangible results (International best practices, Surveys / research, Training courses, Workshops, Seminars, Field trips, …) or building solid business cases
  • Generating strong commitment and willingness to actively contribute from a minimum of 3 NIs


  • Quick wins: delivering outputs within 2017
  • Delivering outputs which could generate new services to members at local level (trainings & workshops, web tools, consultancy, …)

Could you please give us your feedback, so that we can manage to have the appropriate timing for the discussion?

Please feel free to contact the group for any queries or for further information.

Many thanks

Silvia Scalia

The Activation Program Management Team

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