ECR Nationals

ECR Nationals

ECR Community has a network of 20 ECR Nationals across Europe.  All share the same model of collaboration, with a key focus of transforming the way the industry works together, striving to fulfill consumer needs better and faster, but at less cost.

Each group has their own strategy and key focus areas who’s initiatives gather over 1,800 leading companies together as well as SME’s operating at a national level representing a critical mass within the consumer goods industry.

How ECR Nationals work together

  • Working together on areas of high relevance across our markets, developing and delivering joint solutions
  • Overseeing the work at a national level and avoiding duplication by sharing ideas, information, outputs and contacts
  • Collecting evidence and examples, conducting research and communicating through various channels to demonstrate the value of collaborative practices
  • Contributing towards, raising awareness and promoting work developed at a global level by the Consumer Goods Forum and other partners


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