ECR Czech & Slovak Republics

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Vision, Mission and Purpose of ECR Initiative. “Working together to fulfill consumer & society wishes better, faster, at least cost and in sustainable way”. The principles of CZ-SK ECR Initiative: “lean, flexible and efficient organization, providing as much value as possible to the member companies and the FMCG & Retail industry through offering a unique neutral platform for development and sharing of experience, analysis challenges and delivering solutions to increase supply chain efficiency”.

Organization and governance

Czech & Slovak ECR Initiative was formally established in 2001 as not-for-profit professional association. Currently there are 40 member organizations. The association is led by Presidium comprised of 20 senior executives representing retailers, manufacturers and service providers from the grocery retail and wholesale and fast moving consumer goods industry.

From 2011 coordination of Czech & Slovak ECR and back office is provided by GS1 Czech Republic.