ECR Croatia


ECR Croatia was founded in 2006.  Operating as a separate initiative within GS1 Croatia where it is provided with expert logistical, financial and support.

The partnership between GS1 and ECR provides Croatian businesses the opportunity to apply a global GS1 system standards for the automatic identification of products, services and location in optimising a company’s business processes. While ECR Croatia enables those same companies to create additional value for consumers through collaboration from all participants in the supply chain and the application of new models of business practices through the following parameters:

  • a neutral and non-profit platform;
  • respecting the authority of market competition;
  • market compliance demands;
  • education and promoting of ECR concept on Croatian market;
  • cooperation on projects on regional and global level.

Contact: GS1/ECR Croatia, Tuškanac 14, 10000 ZAGREB, CROATIA