ECR Poland (Polska)


We are an effective and efficient not-for-profit organisation working in Poland, actively enabling better collaboration throughout the value chain, in order to increase its efficiency – by delivering knowledge, support and active platform for sharing experience.  If you want to learn more about us, go to:

  • We run workshops, seminars, work-groups
  • We create and promote best practice, support practical standards and harmonies the processes
  • Networking with full legal and competition compliance
  • Jointly solving the “common” issues
  • Cooperation with other organisations to achieve common goals (both in Poland and internationally).

Our recent activities include:

  • Supply Forum – Setting priorities for supply chain improvement (incl. standardisation, sustainability, shrinkage, joint demand forecasting and supply planning)
  • Demand Forum / Shopper Marketing Group – Various topics related to Consumer/Shopper experience, Shopper Marketing Good Practice (sales, marketing, category management, business ethics, OSA)
  • ECR Academy – Unique platform for joint education ventures
  • ECR Forum – Annual conference presenting the wide scope of ECR related topics.