ECR Switzerland


ECR Switzerland was founded in 1995 by leading retailers and manufacturers at the very first ECR Europe Conference in Geneva. In 1999 ECR became a formal structure as an association. In 2005 ECR Switzerland merged with the former EAN and the Logistics Association of GS1 Switzerland.

Still today the ECR Switzerland Board leads the national ECR activities. Expert groups ensures that deep and practical expertise penetrates the more specific work undertaken by project teams. There are expert groups for Demand Side, with topics such as Category Management and Shopper Centricity. On the Supply Chain topics such as E-Commerce are discussed.

Currently ECR Switzerland are working on four key topic areas: new Category Management CAS training, Sales- Operation Planning & Forecasting, holistic Traceability and Outsourcing of Logistical processes.

We are very pleased to share the outputs from our groups, so please take a look at our website and click on ‘collaboration’.  Most of our programs and content are available in German, some in French and a few in English. Some of our content is free and some carries a small fee.