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ECR Community News

ECR Community news is where you can find interesting stories from across our community of 20 national organisations.  We report on everything from headline research to press releases and more. ECR Community news highlights industry expertise on both on the demand and supply side.  We regularly conduct research and publish reports looking at a range of ‘hot topics’ across the industry.


12 Apr, 2017 Environment MEPs put forward a number of possible measures to cut the EU 88 million tonnes of food waste by half by 2030

03 Apr, 2017 ECR Austria: A Best Practice Guide on Waste Prevention

21 Mar, 2017 ECR Russia Forum 2017

06 Mar, 2017 An update from the newly formed Institut du Commerce, France

24 Feb, 2017 ECR Community Quarterly Meeting, Brussels

25 Jan, 2017 How standarized parcel labels could improve turnover from GS1 Netherlands

02 Jan, 2017 How OSA (out-of-stock) impacts the shopper from ECR Italy and GS1

21 Dec, 2016 An update from ECR Russia

14 Dec, 2016 The merger of ECR, IFLS and IFM in France leading to the formation of the Institute for Retail

14 Dec, 2016 ESM Article “ECR Community: Taking A New Approach

07 Dec, 2016 Welcome to ECR Community, by Declan Carolan and Valentin Wepfer

11 Oct, 2016 ECR Community appoints a new board

14 Sept, 2016 ECR Europe becomes ECR Community