Demand Management



How to layout a Retail Store

Macro Store Planning is a strategic approach embraced by suppliers & retailers, to optimise retail floor layouts taking into consideration sales, space, over/under performances, store flow, category linkages & adjacencies, hot spots, and consumer and shopper demographics. It also allows suppliers to understand category opportunities, and improve their space, position and flow through a wider category / store approach. Having recognized this evolution in Ireland, ECR Ireland, together with a number of retailers, suppliers and service providers embarked on a journey to understand, report and define a best practice for Macro Store Planning. This Guide will outline a process, the principles, the challenges, tools for implementation and indeed learnings throughout the journey. It is a simple, actionable process designed to be easily understood and easy to implement by all retailers & suppliers.



The Consumer and Shopper Journey Framework

As the core of this work is the goal of providing a clearer understanding of the changes and their causes that are occurring in the definition of “consumer and shopper value” and how retailers and manufacturers can leverage this understanding in strategies that deliver benefits for consumers and increased sales and profits for retailers and manufacturers.