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Circular Economy Series: EU Circular Economy Package

Webinar #1 – 02 December, 2019

What impact the EU Circular Economy Package will have on retailers and manufacturers and how they can prepare?

Our way of doing things is reaching its limits and we now need to urgently transition to a more circular economy, one where we focus on “make, use, reuse, remake, recycle” instead of a more traditional linear economy where the output is waste. This webinar explains the work the EU are currently doing in this area, such as the EU Green Deal and the Circular Economy 1.0. It also provides an overview of where we are headed with the Circular Economy 2.0 package.

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Category Management Series: Online Channel Availability


Webinar #3 – 15 November, 2017

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: The Impact of Online Channel Availability on Consumer Behaviour and Sales

One constant between physical stores and the online channel is the critical importance of stock availability.  With many online stores carrying less inventory than their traditional brick-and-mortar counterparts brands need to monitor the extent of online availability and consider how shoppers react to missing products when they collaborate with their retail partner.

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Category Management Series: Driving Conversion to eCommerce


Webinar #2 – 18th October, 2017

Content, Consideration and Online Consumers – How to Drive Conversion in the eCommerce Channel?

In the absence of physical product, high quality Content is essential to drive consideration and conversion in the digital channel. From punchy, pertinent product descriptions, to images that work on mobile devices, what are the key first-steps brands and retailers need to consider if they are to engage the fast-growing crowd of online consumers.

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Category Management Series: Achieving eCommerce Goals


Webinar #1 – 5th September, 2017

Tomorrow’s Category Management Today: How do Brands Achieve their Goals in eCommerce, a World Without Planograms and Shelves?

In an increasingly online and omni-channel world, brands and retailers need to rethink their approach to category management. With online retailing, there is no planned and stacked to draw in shoppers. Success is less about the shelf space a brand consumers, but the strength of its content, how it performs for online store search, and how it engages consumers across multiple channels. The aim of this webinar is to bring participants up to speed on the latest changes in this vital area.

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