ECR Community Activation Projects

A major benefit of ECR Community is that it allows ECR Nationals to work together on common projects.  The projects are proposed by ECR Nationals and verified if several members commit to leading and participating in its project management.  Such involvement brings scale, common methodology and simultaneous output across Europe.

The projects should represent the latest “hot topics” from ECR Focus Areas.  They can also be projects which were successful at a national level and have the potential of greater participation & adoption by a wider regional audience.  This encourages dissemination, avoids duplicity and aids the establishment of accepted better practices on a regional scale.

A recently published guide is “Best Practice in Implementing VMI” (Vendor Managed Inventory) which pulls together expertise and experience across Europe. It includes theory and practical tools and is free to download at

Other ECR activities underway, at a national or international level, include:

  • Sell More, Waste Less – a programme managed by the ECR Shrink & OSA Group to help retailers reduce losses from their stores and improve on-shelf availability
  • Influencing the Shopper – best practice in category management and shopper marketing
  • Logistics Pooling – guidance for companies on how to combine forces to improve efficiency
  • Food Waste reduction – a series of activities to minimise food waste throughout the food chain, including by channelling products to people in need
  • Omni-channel retailing – advice on how to combine “bricks and clicks” to deliver the best overall service to consumers